Cynthia Lane

Cynthia Lane (aka Laen) has studied Afro-Cuban, West African and Brazilian rhythums for several decades with Celso Maldonado, Carlos Delgado, Wallace Hill and Lillian Friedberg Banks. She drummed for Patrician Brown and Morris Johnson African dance classes and performances in Minneapolis. She founded the Womyn's Dancing Congas who performed at the Walker Art Center, Women Take Back the Night marches, May Day parade and numerous other benefits and events in the Twin Cities. She has recorded with Maz ( and Jamyang Yeshi as part of The Shining Spirit project: A Tibetan Family’s Reunion Through Music (
Laen is thrilled to introduce women to drumming and loves to create an atmosphere that fuels a passion for drumming. She honors the cultures that created these amazing rhythums by sharing with students the techniques and approaches that her teachers shared with her. 

Laen will also lead the Praire Walking Meditation. She has worked for over 25 years as a Conservation Ecologist and Botanist and is thrilled to welcome others to beautiful Snake Point Savanna.

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