Healing Tent

Welcome to the Healing Tent

This year's Savanna Moon Celebration will include a Healing Tent; a safe, quiet, and sacred space where folks can go to connect with themselves, slow down, and journey inward.  A few healing practitioners will be offering treatments during the gathering and a sign up sheet will be available inside the tent detailing the therapy offered and cost.

This is a new addition for 2018 and is in a birthing phase. The healing tent is a collaboration of a number of healers from various backgrounds. They include midwife, acupuncture, massage therapy, Reiki and more.

Healing Tent Organizer:  Lisa Varnes-Epstein has been dedicated to the healing arts in various ways over the decades; as a PA, Midwife and Arvigo® Practitioner.  She and Laen crossed paths at the final Michfest in 2015 where the seed of Savanna Moon Celebration was born and is grateful to be part of growing festival community.  

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