Savanna Moon Celebration

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 Savanna Moon Celebration

 A Revival of  Women's Music & Ancient Powers​​

 August 16-19, 2018​
Savanna Moon Farm​
 Pepin, Wisconsin

Feed your wild soul with open sky and deep earth.  

Breathe the medicine of a voice set free.  
Unleash your power in the thunder of drums.  
Rest your heart in a circle of sisters. 
Festival Herstory

 The 2018 Celebration will include:​​

  • Community singing workshops
  • Drumming workshops 
  • Dances of Universal Peace/Zikr 
  • Community dinner Saturday night
  • Performances: Melanie DeMore, Alice DiMicele
  • DJed dance by Kelly Shay
  • Gullah Stick Pounding
  • Contra Dance
  • Healing Workshops
  • Power Portraits
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Prairie meditation and Wildlife communion guided walks
  • Ritual to honor the land
Register Now 

$20  off  your registration fee if you bring a newcomer to the festival!

Performances & Workshops
Gullah Stick Rythms & Singing
Melanie DeMore

Melanie has worked closely with Minneapolis choirs, One Voice Mixed Chorus and VocalEssence.  At this festival she will return to offer workshops on the percussive Gullah Stick Pounding.  Foot stomping, hand-clapping rhythms combined with spirituals and songs of protest and peace.  

We will, as a community, turn the whole place into a living, breathing drum!

Performance Saturday night!

Alice DiMicele
Alice is a singer song writer known for her soothing voice and inspiring lyrics. She will be leading a worshop and performing on Friday. 

“Alice's music has that great combination of earthiness and groove that keeps it funky from the inside out. She's for real.”
— Bonnie Raitt

Drumming Workshops
Larissa Montfort

Women and the Drum
Bring your playful drumming spirit to this all level drum class.  We will review basic drum technique and learn rhythms and songs from West Africa.  Bring your hand or stick drums and percussion instruments such as shakers and bells.  Song lovers and dancing feet are also welcome.  Let's drum up some magic.

Sufi Zikr &
Dances of Universal Peace
Jamila Knox

Jamila will lead the spiritually energizing songs and dances from the Sufi Zikr tradition and Dances of Universal Peace movement. 

DJ Dance & Yoga Workshops
Kelly Shay

Kelly Shay's, DJ Enigma, ecclectic mix and talents were a big hit in 2017 and she will be back to spin for the Saturday night dance this year.

Kelly is also a skilled yoga practioner and teacher and will lead a yoga class. 
Exploring Emotional Intimacy with Curiosity: An Experiential Workshop
Claudia Hinton

Mapping out our ability to track our internal and external senses to feel engaged, vibrant and present in our lives. Examine how our felt sense of our emotions builds intimacy with ourselves (into-me-I-see), with others and with nature.  Sensing and connecting to our bodies to understand our ability to give and receive emotions when engaging with self, other(s) and our environment.
Power Portrait Sessions
Photo shoots with professional photographer Candace Freeland

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Healing Tent
Lisa Varnes-Epstein - coordinator

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Kids at the Event


Children's Activity Tent -   
​We have organized a new feature this year, the CAT or Children’s Activity Tent. This is a children’s area with supervised activities which will be available during workshops so that Moms and other guardians can participate in all the festival has to offer. They will have activities, games, hikes, dress up, art and much more to promote curiosity, music and exploration. 
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Out on the Land

Critter Communion in the Prairie
Cathy Coon

A morning walk to look and listen for birds and wildlife. We will investigate the creatures of the  open prairie then slip into the forest  edge to observe the dramatic change of inhabitants.

Prairie Walk & Meditation
Cynthia Lane

A brief overview of the ecology and conservation of the lands  at Savanna Moon; followed by  a walk and meditation in the prairie. 

 Sponsors & Raffle!​​​​

 We will be holding a raffle during  the festival!

 Free  Raffle Entry if you have a recent  receipt from one  of our  awesome  sponsors. See the our sponsors on  the  Facebook site or click here for a description and  addresses. 





Savanna Moon Celebrations

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