Contra Dance

The Ditch Lilies

Julie Young

Julie Young has been calling traditional dances since the mid-1980s. She works with live bands (not recordings) and is herself a musician and performing dancer.  Her dances are inclusive, and she loves the traditional, improvisational nature of her craft. 

​Wisconsin's acoustic roots duo, The DitchLilies, have been in musical cahoots since 1998. Kari Larson and Lisa Schultz are stringed multi-instrumentalists/vocalists with a soft spot and keen enthusiasm for early swing, European roots, juke joint and old-time country music. Together they turn back in time to dust off the rare and forgotten tunes or to re-work the familiar tried and true melodies with the aim of carrying them forward to share with audiences of today. Variously tender and bold, imaginative and well-honed, The DitchLilies bring a refreshing sound to the roots music revival. 
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