Claudia VillaCova Hinton

I grew up watching my Abuela Cuca, a curandera, with curiosity and confusion as she mixed herbs & oils, charged water, touched bodies in pain, cleansed bodies with eggs, smoke and bundles of herbs, while seeing the seen and unseen worlds with her bare eyes. At times we would sit at her kitchen table and discuss our dreams over a cup of cafe con canela (coffee with cinnamon) exploring the dreamworld together. It was a magical, powerful and sometimes a scary world, a world in which I felt alive, in touch with my abundant creative spirit within and without while cultivating a strong inner sense of community - that community of wombYn is still alive within me today. It was emotional, chaotic and vibrant childhood. I was surrounded by wise medicine wombYn with deep dark eyes that reflected me to me. I learned to straddle the seen and unseen worlds through my family’s cultural context, while tying to be a “normal” kid in the world. It would be many, many years before I could access and understand my medicine: my grandmother’s and my ancestors’ gift to me. 

My cultural background as well as my own healing from childhood trauma sent me into a long, at times painful, journey of self discovery with several birthings of self - slowly an embodied sense and possession of self emerged. Writing has always been my companion and tool for tapping into a deep inner knowing, exploring and playing within my own nconscious, shadow self for integration. My insatiable curiosity about what makes us human as well as a desire to stay engaged in the human exchange led me to read countless books, enter all kinds of groups, explore many faiths and traditions, I work and study with other healers and take very interesting trips around the globe. During the last 20 years I have studied and practiced
meditation, dance, movement, drumming, writing, art, and energy work of all sorts as a way to discover my inner medicine as well as facilitating others in tapping into their own inner medicine/healer. 

Eventually, I decided to enter academia to study the human psyche further through a masters in clinical psychology with a counseling specialization graduating in 2009.

Life is good…and I honor her as she has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher. My heart overflows as I continue to grow and learn how to be the best human I can be in connection, in community, in celebration of LIFE.

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