Savanna Moon
wild life sanctuary

Savanna Moon is a 120-acre cluster of homesteads in western Wisconsin, stewarded by adjoining landowners and friends. Our vision is to create a village island within a vibrant matrix of wildness. We seek to enliven our spirits, restore the health and resilience of the land, and live sustainably.
We are committed to preserving and restoring the unique plant and animal communities living in this Driftless region of the Midwest.  The land is hilly with ravines (coulees), a small spring-fed creek and is close to the Chippewa and Mississippi Rivers.  Nights are star-filled and deliciously quiet.
About 100 acres of the land is forest, restored prairie or rare, remnant oak savanna. One of our main priorities has been to save Snake Point Savanna. We are also restoring 30 acres of land once used for industrial agriculture to native prairie. (See Conservation page).
To support our community, and contribute to the local food system, we are establishing vegetable gardens, planting perennial fruit trees and shrubs, and building composting waste systems. Some of our goals for the near future are to have a flock of chickens, build a solar hot water system, and expand the tree and shrub nursery to generate income.
Currently, our homesteads 
include two full-time and up to six weekend or part-time residents.  Our infrastructure includes a restored farmhouse, solar-heated house, and several outbuildings. There are lots of scenic places to camp on the land, with access to well water and an outside composting toilet.
We are excited to host musical and spiritual events, and offer earth-based classes.

We welcome guests.